Saturday, April 30, 2005

Is There A God Like Ours? Thoughts on my 53rd Birthday

Our God is an awesome God, is there any other like Him?

Our God is loving and caring about each one of us down to each sparrow. Our God wants us to come to Him and love Him. Our God does not demand of every human being on His earth to do this, because He has given us free will.

Our God does not come to heap vengenence on the unrighteous. By His standards we are all unrighteous. He sends His rain upon the righteous and unrighteous. Those of us that have chosen and have accepted His Son into our lives are touched by the sacrifice of the shed blood of Yeshua H'Meshiach, the shed blood of Jesus the Messiah and our sin is covered. We are the forgiven of Our God, for He knows our foilables. Those who have not accepted this sacrifice are living under the Law that He Gave to His prophets. They have chosen to be judged under the Law. They are absolutely God's People under the first Covenant. God loves us all. He never breaks His Covenant.

When we grieve, our God holds and comforts us. He fills us with His Holy Spirit and sends us the Peace that Passes All Understanding. When we are filled with joy, our God rejoices with us. He teaches us. He speaks to us. Our God wants us to chose to be His people.

Is there any other group on earth that has a God like this?

The God of Islam is to be feared. That God demands obedience. That God demands to be worshipped. There are over 1 billion worshippers of the Islamic faith. One tenth of them believe that if you are not Islamic you are an infidel and should be not be permitted to live unless you become Islamic. They do not mind murdering each other to acheive this end. When asked about false faiths, Jesus said you will know the tree by it's fruit. Within the factions of Islam both Sunni and S'hia are filled with history of violence, killing and hatred. Hundreds of years ago after the death of Mohammed the followers of Islam needed a figure head to follow. Mohammed left no provisions. Some followed Mohammed's father-in-law as Sunnis. Some followed Mohammed's nephew as Shi'ahites. Mohammed's nephew was assasinated. Some leaders of the Sunni branch were assasinated. For hundreds of years the Islamic faith has been plagued by war and violence as these two groups seemingly hate each other. As a Christian, I trust that my God will provide for me and those that I love. I trust in His will and judgement for He loves me. Does Allah bring love to his people? Do his people trust Allah to do his own will? I am not seeing that.

The gods of the Hindus are less violent. Yet these gods are but heathen images that were created by man and given legends. When the people are starving and go without, the sacred cows are fed and bathed in milk. Once again, you will know them by their fruit.

The Asian gods are much like the Hindus. Nothing more than mere idols created by man and endowed with man-made legends. The temples to these false dieties are overrun with monkeys and rats. Some worship ancestors, some worship phalluses. Jesus said you will know the tree by it's fruit.

Is there any other group on earth that has a God like ours? Be you Jew, Protestant or Catholic, Our God teaches us. Our God speaks to us. Our God wants us to chose to be His people. Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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