Thursday, April 07, 2005


In songwriting class I learned that there are two types of songs. Picture songs and story songs. What follows is a story song. I learned it from my good friend, Jim Bankowski. It's a song that Mike Wilshire used to sing when he was in Cincinnati. It was written by a guy named Lance from Rock Church in Virginia Beach. It's been one of my favorites.

All of my life I've been waitin' to see,
which side of myself, I'd turn out to be.
The childhood was gone with the wink of the sun,
and I knew that the time for decision had come.

From out of my past came a thousand and one,
pains and regrets for things I had done.
From the first to the last, they were dragging me down.
And I knew it was time for the truth to be found.

Looking out on a windy sea, there was something my heart had forgotten.
Casting eyes on a distant cloud,...Does it matter to God the way that we live?

While walking the streets of the city one day,
I heard pretty music from over the way.
With an e-lectric bass and some gay tambourines.
They were singing a name I had heard in my dreams.

All my memories descended at once.
Like the wave of a lifetime, they turned into dust.
I cried out, "Jesus help me! Can't you see how I feel?"
And He made me to know that the story was real.

Heaven opened, Salvation came down.
And the Holy Spirit lifted me out.
While a choir was singing that beautiful name.
The beginning, the ending forvever the same.

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