Saturday, March 05, 2005

What A Day This Has Been - Part ll

My wife is an only child. She was raised by abusive parents, that were abused themselves. They were more mentally abusive than physically abusive. During an era in which most women stayed at home and men worked, her parents both worked. They left the job of raising my wife to women they called "governesses". They were actually babysitters, however both her folks had delusions of grandeur and thought this title lent more credence to them with their friends.

She seldom was with her parents. When they arrived home for dinner, she was given a plate of food and sent to her room for the evening. After my wife reached the age of maturity, twelve years old, they decided that she was old enough to take care of herself.

I mention this because of an incident that happened today that lead me to record today's events.

For years her parents dream was to move back to the "country" and live as country squires. Rising up in the morning to survey the lower 40, then spending the day on their porch basking in the country air and tilling up the soil. They eventually sold us their city home, The Old Haney Place, and took our money to put as a downpayment on their country estate. The land that they owned was actually my father-in-laws inheritence. Across the street from their home was a plot of land that they deeded to my wife. They were in hopes that when we became wealthy we could build our estate next to them, although it would have to be much smaller and sort of cottage-like, so it would not overshadow the Master's estate. It would be much easier that way to come over and care for them in their golden years.

As you may have read in the last post, my wife became ill. Due to expenses beyond our control, we never became wealthy, so we did not get to build our much tinier, much less grand estate. We are still residing in The Old Haney Place as a matter of fact. However my wife had been promised for years that the deed to her property was tucked away safely in a safe deposit box.

This brings us to today's events.

We have been without a computer for the past 6 months. When you are housebound, a computer is your doorway to the world and to meet people with similar interests. We had been saving money since our old Tandy 1000 crashed and were about ready to have a friend build us a new one. But my wife's parents generously came through with enough money to purchase a great system. They told her not to cut corners. They said that they had gotten some money back from their medical insurance and were sharing it with her. This was totally out of character. But we thanked God that she was once again able to get back in touch with her internet friends.

Today the truth was revealed, as it always eventually is. Her parents, without her permission, sold the property that they deeded to her for around $30,000. So the new gift of a computer was actually purchased with her own money.

The inlaws went to get their taxes done. Their tax attorney told them that since the deed was in their daughter's name as well as theirs, they were required by law to disclose the sale of the property to her if they were claiming the entire procedes on their income tax or they would have to give her the money due to her to declare as income on her taxes. He said that he would call her if they were unwilling.

What do you do when your own parents betray you?

You thank your Father in Heaven that He will never leave you or foresake you and you put all of your trust in Him.

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