Thursday, March 24, 2005

Jammin with the FDP


This was a fun time and I was kinda' nervous.

I hadn't played guitar in front of people in a long, long time. I hadn't played guitar with people in a long time. In fact, this was a blues jam and I usually fingerpick.

So here I was, the hulking white boy you see on the left, playing with the petite Bluesmama, my buddy Spazz and Gwiemer on the Epiphone bass. I'm playing my pieced together Frankenstein guitar (Frankie) and Spazz is playing trombone, so we had to do things in the key of C major. Bluesmama just blew us all out of the water. My goodness could that girl play the blues.

These are all my friends from the Fender Discussion Page where I hang out under the nom d'plume MarcO.

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