Saturday, March 26, 2005

Jesus Freaks

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Joel 2:28 "I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions."

1971 was a magical time for those who opened their hearts, for those that listened.

The Spirit of the Living God was moving and touching the lives of people throughout the world. The end of the Viet Nam War was fast approaching. We had lost all respect for our government and therefore authority. Birth control had eliminated abstinence, but we soon found out that free love was empty, bitter and selfish love. The Drug Culture had promised to get us high and set our minds free. It only created addiction. Eastern religion, meditation, Hari Krishna and Gurus were exposed for what they really were. They were nothing but cult leaders feasting on the cults that they had created.

But the Spirit of God was touching all that would listen and accept. We could feel His Love touching us and it was so strong. God allowed us to see through His Eyes the broken spirits and hearts of those around us. We had a burning desire inside of us to share this wonderful story, this old, old story. So we took to the streets and shared our life changing experiences with everyone that we could. Instead of going to clubs on Friday and Saturday, we would go to prayer meetings and Bible studies. We would pile into Churches dressed as we always dressed in blue jeans and T shirts. Some Churches accepted the rag tag newcomers and some were appalled.

Many of us just didn't talk the talk. We walked the walk. We wanted to know more about God the Father and Jesus the Son. We sought out ministers and teachers to tell us what they knew. We read the Bible. We read the commentaries. We had daily and weekly devotions, prayer meetings and Bible study. Many went on to Bible colleges and Seminaries.

We also turned away from the music of the day. It's theme was about sex and drugs or hating the establishment. But we had found a higher calling. So we created our own music and we listened to our own popular singers and groups.

It was a time of developing deep relationships with others that we loved as dearly as brothers or sisters. The above picture is from a March Day in 1971. It was Spiritual Revolution Day and it started with a rally at Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio. The group of people captured in this picture as they prayed went on to become some of my dearest friends. I cherish the love that we shared for Father, Son and Holy Spirit and the love and bonds we shared with each other.

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