Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Rock and Roll Christianity

It was on America Online News. It was on Entertainment Tonight. I received at least thirty emails from the Jesus Music Online forum. Some fellow from a musical group called Korn was baptized in the Jordan River last week. His name is Brian “Head” Welch and he states that the baptism has purged his anger. This band, Korn, was recently featured in an episode of a TV show that I enjoy called Monk. None of the band members looked like a happy lot.

As Phil Keaggy states in one of his songs, “All Of The Angels In Heaven Above Rejoice When There’s A Soul Saved.”

I’m really glad for this fellow. He made a public profession of his faith in God and in God’s Son Jesus the Christ. I am certain that he felt the peace of the Holy Spirit settle upon him. This is all a wonderful thing.

This caused me to think back on my Jesus Freak days, I am reminded that there was a real burning desire to have our favorite Rock Stars become Christians. There were rumors that George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson and quite a few others became Christians. There was talk that a guitarist from the band Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green, had quit to become a Christian. Why did we it mean so much to us that our musical heroes were becoming Christians? Why were not equally concerned when the shy girl that sat in the back of a classroom professed her faith in Jesus? Why was it more important to us that our Rock heroes were worshiping the Lord, instead of having equal concern about bringing the Peace of Jesus to our own family members?

Perhaps part of this is due to the publicity personel associated with celebrities that promote our heroes and a intensive desire on the part of the media to sell news. Perhaps part of this is our own joy that we felt and we want our heroes to share in that joy. In my humble opinion we have our priorities all wee-wawwed.

Harken back to ancient Rome. Do you think the early Christians of that city felt the same way when the Emperor Constantine became a Christian?

“Hey fellow citizen Demitrius, did you hear the latest rumor? The Emperor has become a Christian and he has decreed that all Romans are to become Christians. Is that incredible or what?”

“Where did you hear that? Well, well that would be great news indeed citizen Euripides, especially for ourselves and all the other believers.

I wonder, does that mean no more being beaten by the Praetorian Guard, being eaten by lions or hanging on crosses?

I mean that sounds all well and good, but what about the Arena? I certainly do enjoy a spot of entertainment you know? What will we be doing for entertainment if there is no combat and mutilation? You've met my son the a gladiator. He makes a pretty fair living and has lots of admirers. I know he doesn’t cotton to our ways. He's got a bright future. I fear if this rumor is true then his career might come to an end. I was so in hopes of seeing him at the Arena next week, doing battle with a lion and maybe wounding a couple of Christians. You know, not mortally or anything.”

“Relax Demitrius. I also heard that the Emporer that is planning new entertainment for the Arena. It will be starting next week. I'm surprised your boy didn't say anything about it. I've heard that Williamus Grahamus will be publically speaking. I understand he is a fine orator. Then they are to bring in entertainment called Gospel Quartets. I’m not really certain what that it means, Gospel Quartet, but I’m going there to find out. And your son will soon be embracing our ways. Like I said, it's mandatory now."

Oh and Demitrius, the Emperor made a speech last week and said that he realized there because of a scarcity of work for gladiators and his legions, he is setting aside extra funds from the treasury and sending them off on an exciting campaign to the heathen lands outside of Rome to put to death all non-believing mongrel dogs that don't heed the Emporor's decree. So your boy might be off for a couple of years. But you can rest assurred that his career of killing, maiming and ravishing will not go wasted. Hey, would you like to go with me this weekend and check out Grahamus?"

“Well it sounds Emperor Constantine is doing the right thing. My boy is still going to be appreciated and well respected. He will still follow his calling and now he has to become a Christian or else. You gotta’ like that. Hey sure I’d love to come. Pax Romanus brother.”

“Pax Romanus back at ya’dude.”

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