Monday, March 03, 2014

Four Days Out of the Hospital - I Need Some Cooperation

Today is Monday, March the 3rd, 2014. I’ve been home from the hospital for four days.  I am really tired. When I sleep my dreams are very vivid, but I usually don’t remember them.

Last Friday I had a home health care nurse come and evaluate me. Honestly, she spent more time talking on her cell phone about another case than she did talking to me.  It was not an eventful day. I had to herd the dogs away from her several times.

On Saturday a Physical Therapist came to evaluate me. I was hospitalized in August because I suddenly could not stand up. This was the day of Linny’s profession in The Community of Jesus. Ever since then my balance has been off.  The Physical Therapist confirmed this by having me do some exercises. I have a significant left sided weakness.  She suggested that I use a cane and continue with therapy.

I would really like to go back to work. Money is tight. I have to have my Short Term Disability Forms in by March 11th. I was supposed to see Dr. Dragan this morning and drop them off. But his office was closed for the day due to the bad weather.  He needs to sign off on me to go back to work.  I have another appointment on Wednesday with the cardiologist group. They too need to sign off to allow me to go back to work.

I am also at a dilemma. Can I work? Should I look into permanent disability?  I will be praying about these things while I am at home.

It was suggested to me to call my major debtors. Today I called Wells Fargo for my mortgage to explain that I have no income while I am off sick and I cannot pay my mortgage for this month. I’d love to say they were very helpful, but that is not the case. Just like most major businesses today, they don’t have a clue. I was transferred four times to differing departments. Finally they said since my mortgage is current, they cannot help me.

The same was true when I called about my car payment. I could not promise a payment since I don’t know when I’ll have income, so they couldn’t help.

It is tough these days. But I am sure there are people in worse situations.

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