Wednesday, March 12, 2014

12 Days Out of the Hospital and a Really Weird Dream

It has been thirteen days since I left the hospital. What an adventure I am having!  I do not know what has happened to my skin.  I suppose it is from being edematous and losing all the fluid. My skin is dry and looks like the feathers have been plucked. It feels like feathers too since I am so itchy. My legs have gotten quite skinny. The psoriasis is drying out. There are patches on my skin that look like pink shadows of psoriasis.

Last night I created a profile page on St. E's My Chart so I could send an email to my doctor.

I got up at 6 am this morning. I was itchy and could not go back to sleep. Linny was still up. I weighed myself and I am 252.  I had a small bowl of Rice Krispies and a cup of peach yogurt. I cannot have the berry kind of yogurt. I stayed up a couple of hours. TV has nothing on it worth watching. I looked at Face Book. ‘Sad news about a friend of a friend.  Damn, in looking up images I see there is a gluten-free version of Rice Krispies. I'll have to look for some.

I went back to bed and once again it was weird dream time. 

I was back in the hospital, only this time in a ward. I think my wife was in the next bed. My mother was also in the room.  A bevy of doctors were making their rounds and they stopped to examine me. 

The poor resident assigned to me went over her notes. She didn’t even look like she was twenty years old. Her face was covered acne and as she bent over me I could see that so was her chest. In fact it looked a lot like guttate psoriasis. I was then put on a stretcher and wheeled into the hall to await a test. The doctors continued to mill about the room and examine the others.

Next thing I know I was dressed and walking around my town. I walked past the high school and ducked in one door that said Archbishop.  I felt weird being there, so I left and walked up the street toward the hospital.

When I got back I could not find my room so I walked into the first one I saw.  Much to my surprise, there was my father. He was lying in a hospital bed. He had experienced a stroke. In the next bed was his girlfriend. At least that is what he said and on the other side was her young daughter. On the floor were a raggedy looking puppy and an even more raggedy looking child. Both had dirty fur or hair that seemed to turn into brown dust.

Dad said he got tired of life and went to Monroe Ohio and met this lady.  My Mother had alluded this to us, but did not give specifics.  The lady was about my age and her daughter was cooking, cleaning and shopping for the bunch.  The child was her daughter and the puppy was Dad’s dog. I told him that Mom was in the next room. He was anxious to see her.

I headed back to the next room, but got side-tracked since there was a party in the cafeteria. I sat next to the young resident with the bad skin and talked with her.  I then decided to go back to my room. On the way Dad and his girlfriend came walking out. Dad had a pronounced limp and one sided weakness from the stroke. A sad looking lady followed them. Her eyes were not quite right. After that came the daughter, who showed a lot of fondness for my Dad, like he was spending money on her. 

She was followed by the dirty child and dirty puppy.  I then went back to my room and back to bed.

I woke up again at 11:45 am and I had to have a bowel movement. I guess it is the low fiber diet, but this will be only the fourth time I have moved my bowels since leaving the hospital. I tried to go last night, but I am afraid of straining my bowels. I did strain just a little this morning. 

I took a shower.  I used to take one shower a day, if not more on hot days. Now I don’t have the desire to shower.  It makes my dried out skin feel funny. I have also noticed how sensitive I am to hot water.

I then went downstairs and put Patty out. Yesterday was a beautiful 75 degrees. Today it is in the 30’s and raining. I made bacon and eggs for Mom and me.  I gave most of the bacon to Patty. Linny woke up, got a cup of coffee and went back to bed.

It is not even two pm and I am getting tired.

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