Monday, March 10, 2014

Post Hospital Day Number 11

Eleven days and I am out of the hospital.  I have no desire to go back. Over the weekend I went on the Social Security website and applied for early retirement benefits. I am still going to have to work, but I can begin drawing at age 62. I’ll need a job to keep health insurance. I also am not going to make enough from Social Security to live, and pay expenses.  But it will be a big help.

I think I have dislocated my jaw. It is difficult to chew food and it feels like my teeth do not line up. I will ignore it and maybe feel better tomorrow or the day after.

I spoke with Sedgwick, the disability benefits company. I have been approved and can be off through March 17th. Since that is a Monday I am going to try to go back to work. The doctors do not seem to think I am not unhealthy enough to be on full time disability. I prayed about this and I suppose that is my answer. I like to work and be around people, I am just hoping I can get my stamina back.  I can only remember one password at work.

My battle with psoriasis continues, but I think the rash is a little less angry. It still itches and looks nasty. I am still getting exhausted fairly easily. Today, I cooked breakfast, did the dishes, took clothes down stairs to the laundry, put clothes in the washer and dryer and brought clothes upstairs. I made a phone call to my doctor’s office and another phone call to Social Security (what a production!) and after that I had to go lay down. I hope I can handle eight hours at work.

I slept for about an hour and dreamed about being in the hospital and having a colonoscopy. In the dream, I was placed on a stretcher which was jacked up in the air. I was then positioned with my rear end hanging out for the world to see and all the lights were turned on shining right down on my heinie.  Then everyone left the room and did not shut the door, which left me mooning all the passers-by.

I wrote a few thank you notes to folks that are praying for me.  Gosh, it humbles me when I think of Gods people holding me up in prayer.

My sister came over to take care of Mom for a little while.  My daughter called and we spoke about my health, her schooling and her kids.  Linny and I went out for dinner at Frisch’s. We both had fish and it was not very good.  I don’t usually talk about bowel movements, but I think I have only had two since leaving the hospital. I attribute this to my low fiber diet. I cannot have gluten either. I am so tired now. I think I’ll check on Mom and close my eyes.

I had a nap. I have been thinking about this guy I know. He used to play and was the lead singer with a Christian band called Prodigal. He became really heavy and his health went downhill. He had several rounds of kidney failure before they shut down.  He has been in a ‘rehab’ center for almost three years and is now in hospice.  I think of my own condition and think it is nothing compared to what Loyd is experiencing. I have been praying for him.

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