Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What makes Christianity such a prime target for judgement and ridicule?

Christianity as been around for over 2000 years and for at least that long the learned and academic folks that live off of educational grants in their ivy covered towers have taken their potshots at those of us who consider Jesus to be the Son of God. These brain boxes consider worship of God, much less His only Son to be demeaning, time wasting and meant for those lacking intelligence.

If you read the New Testament, you will discover things were not much different when Jesus was walking around ol Jerusalem town with His Disciples. The learned and academic of His day were trash talking to Him.

Christianity is one of the world's major religious groups and the scholarly community continually seeks to disprove our tenents. Perhaps this is because most Christians are docile with all that other cheek turning and whatnot. Christians are easy marks.

Hitler and company tried to eliminate the Jews, as did some of the other middle eastern denizens. They all eventually discovered that Jews don't take crap from no one, no how. And Jews fight back and never back down. If you hurt one of them, they'll hurt your whole family. And they do not forget who hurt them. Jews have better memory than any super-computer.

If you have been paying attention to the news you will know that criticism of Muslims to any of the more radical ones with their Kiyafa covered faces will more than likely lead to loss of your head. At the very least criticizing or even mention Islam in a way that your average Mullah might object to may lead to branding as an infidel and a fatwa may be issued. Ask Salman Rushde.

Oh but we Christians do not fight back. We have a great history of tolerance. In fact we are tolerant to the point of martyrdom. And it is not that we choose martyrdom, like all those ignorant suicide bombers that are hoping for 72 new girlfriends. There are plenty of bullies in the global neighborhood that would kill us off just for showing our smiling Christian faces.

So I guess we will continue to be the subject of ridicule and disbelief, as exemplified in my last post regarding the "Dead Sea Tablet."

Who cares when we who are Christians know who is right.

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