Saturday, July 29, 2006

Zogby Poll - An Attempt To Legitamize The Hezbollah

James Zogby
Yesterday I was feeling sort of bad. I have a pinched nerve in my leg and it feels like someone is digging their fingernails into my outer thigh. So I soothed my pain with a big glass of iced water and a boloney sandwich and flipped through the cable TV channels.

I seldom watch C-Span, but I recognized the name of the man on TV and stopped and listened to what he had to say. This was James Zogby.

Dr. James Zogby who was once connected to the Democratic National Party and runs a very prominent polling institute called Zogby International. He is also the head of The Arab America Institute.

Zogby is Lebanese. Now I have known folks of Lebanese descent. When I was growing up, the family next door was originally from Lebanon. As I was older and married, my wife worked with my neighbor and they became close friends. We all recall Danny Thomas, the actor/singer/nightclub performer and founder of St. Jude’s Hospital was proud of his Lebanese heritage.

Zogby had run a poll of Lebanese citizens and determined that a large percentage hated America and an even larger percentage hated Israel. In fact out of all Lebanese, the preferred Syria over America by close to a 90% margin and it did not matter if they were Shia or Sunni Muslims or Maronite Christians. An even larger margin hated Israel. Both the Shia and the Sunni said they were in favor of the pro-Shiite Hezbollah.

“Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayanna

May 1958 was the start of a bloody Lebanese Civil War. Shortly after this, my neighbor and her entire family immigrated to the USA.

Much of this Civil War was due to political factions from Syria and Iraq fighting the rebel leaders within Lebanon that were wrestling for control of the government. United States and British forces were forced to be involved within that Country to help bring peace to the region.

Another conflict broke out in the 1970's between Palestinian Liberation Organization in Israel and the Lebanese. Sunni and Shia were set against each other. During this time the PLO set to push the Maronite Christian community.

From 1958 to the present day there have been no less than 31 military conflicts within Lebanon.

Zogby’s poll would lead us to buy into the fact that the continuous upheaval within Lebanon is the fault of Israel or the fault of the USA and present us with the legitimacy of the Hezbollah.

Quite frankly, you can make a poll state any facts that you want it to depending on the data being used and the phrasing of the queries.

The Hezbollah is a radical group dedicated to the sole purpose of annihilating an entire religion and group of people. Dr. Zogby, there is no validity to the Hezbollah as there was no legitimacy to the Nazi regime. Any organization with this premise defies the laws of God, nature and civilized man.

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