Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What Separates Us From The World?

I have been thinking about the war in the Middle East. Sunni Muslims hate the Shiites and vise versa.

This has been going on since the death of Mohammed in 639 AD. They have been murdering each other for years. The only thing they agree on is their hatred of the Jewish nation. They now say this is because the state of Israel was taken from them in 1949. They hated Jews prior to that time.

So at this moment they are lobbing missiles into Israel. Iraqis’ are murdering each other as well as our soldiers that freed them from the tyranny of Huessien.

Why do Christians not act like this?

One thing that sets us apart is that we can disagree on issues but agree on facts.

We may have set up denominations based on the issues that our fathers dealt with.

We may call ourselves Baptist, Lutheran, Church of Christ, Roman Catholic, Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Assembly of God, Church of God.

We may dispute each others tenants of faith. We may strongly contest our ways, even denominational beliefs. But we all agree on facts. God is our Father, Jesus is His Son and the Holy Spirit has been sent to comfort us.

This separates us from the world.

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