Monday, September 08, 2008

And It Came To Pass...

In last week's exciting episode I mentioned the press was coming after Sarah Palin for being a Christian. Well I was right.

Tonight's AOL Welcome Screen news hearlds the fact that Sarah Palin's Church prays to convert Gays. The next line says that her church prays away the gay.

Earlier in the week another news web page announced that they had uncovered the fact that Sarah Palin was a Pentecostal.

I cannot believe the press has finally got to the root of this cover-up. Both news organizations will most likely receive Edward R Murrow Awards for their no-holds-barred investigative journalism.

For Pete's sake can you imagine that America now has a Vice Presidential nominee who attends a Christian Church that follows The Great Commission that Our Lord and Savior left for us, we are to go into the world and spread the Good News that God Loves Us and sent His Son to die for our sin and bring those who believe back to the love of God.

This same congregation does not object to inviting Gays to worship with them in hopes these folks will hear The Good News and turn to God. This is unfathomable. The article does not say that Palin prays away the gay. However I guess the media assumes guilt or blessing by association.

It is also amazing to find out that the Republican nominee does not hide the fact that she grew up going to an Assembly of God Church which believes the Holy Spirit annointed those gathered in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost and caused those present to proclaim the Word of God in other languages to all those present.

It would certainly be more status quo if the nominee for VP was say the former CEO of a major oil exploration company, like say the Haliburton Corporation so he could land a big contract in Iraq for his former employer.

Or maybe even better the Vice Presidential candidate should be someone that evaded income tax, defrauded the citizens of Maryland and used extortion to improve his lot in life much like VP Agnew who was not only anti-semetic but was also averse to nattering, nabobs of negativity.

I suppose the liberal press is getting desperate in it's quest for new naturally naughty nabobs of negativity of the noted nominee.

To me it is refreshing to see a Church that would allow Gays to visit the congregation. But I suppose the press would prefer those churches like that crazy one in Texas that pickets the funerals of Gay Soldiers.

And I say, what's wrong with being a Pentecostal? Does the press critize Joe Biden for being a Jew? Are Baptists preferable to Pentecostals? What about the Catholics? JFK took a lot of heat for being Catholic.

Today, more than ever, we get news faster than ever before. The only thing I see has changed is the newspaper made a great birdcage liner but the internet can't lay claim to that.

Most of the stories are a waste of bandwith.

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