Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain's V.P. Choice and Her Church Affilliation

There are people that expose liberal political leanings that cry out for separation of church and government especially when is convenient in aiding their candidate’s election.

Not too long ago conservatives were quick to point out that Barak Hussein Obama is not a name of Anglo-Saxon derivation, The Liberals that were vocal about this matter jumped up and shouted “Separation of Church and State.”

And when conservatives pointed out that Senator Obama has been a member for many years of the United Church of Christ led by with Pastor Jeremiah Wright, a minister that has been outspoken critic of the Caucasian race, these same Liberals jumped up and shouted, “Separation of Church and State.”

Last week John McCain surprised the world by choosing a woman as his pick for Vice-President and running mate.

I can only imagine that very soon the tides will turn when the liberal populace discovers that Governor Sarah Palin is affiliated with the Assembly of God Church. Yep, the outspoken, tongue-speakin’, laying-on-of-hands, oil-anointin’, Bible-believin’, infallible Word of God preachin’, born-again, that’s what I’m talkin’ about Assembly of God Church.

What is even worse is that Palin and her family now attend a church that is, gasp!...non-denominational.

John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter wrote:

"The initial confusion surrounding Palin's denominational identity, therefore, has a simple explanation: She doesn't have one.

Instead, Palin appears to be part of that rapidly expanding galaxy of "post-denominational" Christianity, where elements of Evangelical and Pentecostal styles of faith and worship fuse into a myriad of unique local combinations, and where old denominational loyalties are essentially dead. "

Bob Smietana, the religion writer for The Tennessean states, "Looks like she's a charismatic, or charismatic leaning, if her home congregation is Church on The Rock.'

This apparently is great news for both Conservatives and Liberals.

Conservatives were running scared, thinking that McCain would chose someone who was anti-Pro-life, thus causing a dilemma in the voting booth.

Liberals now have a brand new shiny ax to grind since they not only distain Pro-lifers, but do not like those outspoken conservative Christians very much.

This brings up the question, when candidate Palin is critized for her religious ties, do you think those same vocal Liberals will be concerned about Separation of Church and State?

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