Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Economics and The Noahide Laws

The United States has managed in the past several decades to eliminate God from politics, school, law and government. As citizens we are told that we have an individual right to personal beliefs, but collectively we cannot discuss God within the context of politics, school, the courtroom or government buildings.

How many times have the ACLU sued municipal and state governments because the 10 Commandments were posted in buildings or on public grounds?

The Republican Vice Presidential candidate is mocked and buffooned in the media for being an outspoken and committed Christian.

The Democratic Presidential Candidate was vigorously questioned about his connections with the bigoted pastor of the congregation he attended. He was forced out of his church.

Now our country is imperilled by a crash of the monetary system. Could this happened due to God and God's rules being eliminated from our American way of life?

I say yes.

Before the 10 Commandments we had the Noahide Laws.
These were 7 natural, common sense rules set out for a just society.

1. You should not have any idols before God.
2. You shall not murder.
3. You shall not steal.
4. You shall not commit adultery.
5. You shall not blasphemy God's Name.
6. You shall not eat flesh while it is still alive.
7. You shall set up judiciary to enforce the six aforementioned rules fairly and

I can see no reason why these rules would be a hardship for any citizen to follow regardless of their personal beliefs.

Rule One. I believe this prohibition is not pointed at those established churches that have statuary or portraits bedecking their sanctuary. However those who practice Santeria or pray to pictures or statues are going to have a problem.

Rule Two. No civil human being should have issues with this rule.

Rule Three. The current crisis in our country's banking and financial industry can all be traced back to violation of this law. Greedy lenders not only duped the innocent, but forced usurious requirements on borrowers that consequentially left them with the option to look for a better loan or default on the loan.

Unrealistic interest charged by banks, credit card companies and the mortgage industry has left this country in shambles. I find no difference in usury and theft.

Rule Four: From the last census in 2005 that measured 2,236,000 marriages that took place that year, 7.5 people out of 1,000 were married and 3.6 people out of 1,000 became divorced. That is over a 50% divorce rate. Though some of this marital trauma may have been attributed to leaving the cap off the toothpaste or snoring, my best guess is adultery played a big role in the decision for couples to call it quits. Unfortunately now couples choose not to commit themselves in marriage which also causes them not to commit themselves to their children.

Rule Five: I've always viewed this in a manner that is different from those who feel this applies only to profane language. Don't get me wrong, profanity has no value in a decent society other than to prove the user is an idiot. Many profane people use profanity as second nature and probably don't realize what garbage is spewing from their mouths.
I believe this prohibition applies to those that would seek to purposely and deliberately speak against God or curse God or against those whose actions and deeds cause others to curse God.

Rule Six: Maybe those guys on the Food Network that go around to other countries and eat weird food may have a problem with this prohibition. This should not be an issue in the USA.

Rule Seven: One would hope that justice is fair and blind and administered equally, but that is not reality. If a brother wrongs you and you cannot settle the issue between each other, it's gonna' cost you plenty to take it to court. Even if you win your claim it may be revoked upon appeal. This request to set up fair and impartial courts needs to be enforced.

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