Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Regarding Yesterday's Post / Pin Dancing

So yesterday when I was home sick and still sort of feverish I put up a couple of ridiculous pictures of the Icthus symbol eating the Darwin fish.

At heart I suppose I am a Fundamentalist. When I used to talk about the Jesus Movement at schools and churches I always would say that I did not claim to have the corner on truth, but that I knew who the Truth is. Unfortunately that sentence was always grammatically bad, what with my dangling participle. And just as I don't have the corner on truth, I don't have the corner on knowledge either. However there are plenty of folks that lay claim to both.

About 30 miles south of my home sweet home town of Newport (motto: "It's always lovely this time of year") is The Creation Museum. This is a structure was ironically situated near Big Bone Lick State Park, which was named for the giant prehistoric fossils found on the park's land. Apparently the area was quite salty at one time. Which made it a wonderful place for the dinosaurs to picnic as the Tyranosaurus Rex must have enjoyed a little salt on his Stegasaurus.

I am not certain what The Creation Museum's take on the fossils in the nearby park, since there is no mention of brontosaurs or raptors in the first several books of the Bible. The only mention I recall is of the Leviathan. The Leviathan of course is one of the books of Hebraic law. No wait that is Leviticus. So yeah, the Leviathan was the sea monster.

I think later there was mention of the Behemoth. Which reminds me of a panel in my favorite cartoon strip, Pogo, in which Albert the Alligator is pondering about a robin being one of the harbingers of spring and says, "Behemoth or be he bird, that's the prettiest song I've ever heard." Answers In Genesis, the operator of The Creation Museum claims the Leviathan was actually a large alligator. So was Albert.

The Creation Museum is dedicated to disproving Evolutionism and of course the Scopes Monkey trial not only successfully gave a legal precident to disprove Evolution, but was also successful in driving the public's attention away from the main focus of the Bible .

I for one don't care what sequence of events occured in the past. Whether we happened, evolved or were found under cabbage leaves is not something that will change life as we know it.

It makes no difference to me if dinosaurs lived before Adam and Eve started the first nudist camp. I does not change my opinion if some of the early stories in the Bible hint at being myths handed down from wandering tribe to wandering tribe and embellished as they were retold. I don't care if I am a monkey's uncle or a monkey is my uncle. It is well documented that Charles Darwin went through a very tough mental and emotional struggle wrestling with his own Christian beliefs and faith before making his writings public.

I know that my Redeemer lives and I know that God takes care of His own. I love to read His Word and everytime I read it again I learn something new.

So let's get to the point of what really matters. This of course is how many angels can dance on the head of a pin? This age old theological discussion can only be answered when one considers the variable; what sort of dance are they doing?

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