Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Controversy For Larry Norman

Throughout his life, Larry Norman was a controversial. He is credited as the Father of Christian Rock music. Many of his songs were aimed at the shortcomings of The Church of the day and their lack of putting forth the Good News, helping the poor and caring for their own.

No doubt, just like all of us, Larry had some issues. And when your life is lived under the spot lights, perhaps those issues become more visible. So as he was contriversial in life, so he is in death.

I am a member and infrequent contributor to a yahoo discussion group concerning Christian Music.

Recently an Australia woman named Jennifer McCallum posted the same message to several Christian discussion groups. She claims to be the mother of a son born to her in 1989 that she states was fathered by Larry Norman. This occurred during a time she was a backup singer for his touring band.

In her letter she goes on to say that Larry promised to look after her and her son, but never followed up. She then claims that he met them in 1994 and treated them to a trip to Disneyland, but never followed through with his promise of taking care of her and reputed son. She then states that her son went to England to a Larry Norman concert to speak with him, but the event did not go well. 

She also references Randy Stonehill and his wife into the posting. She ends by stating she requested that the Norman family provide her and her son with Airline tickets to attend Larry's funeral and was upset when they did not respond to her request.

Larry's brother Charles Norman posted to the group that he was aware of the rumors of someone in Australia claiming Larry had sired her son. He states he has spoken with the woman by phone and communicated through an attorney requesting that a birth certificate be produced and a DNA test be performed.

Charles states that some of the events described in Jennifer's post do not add up. For instance she states she was with Larry during a 10 week concert tour of Russia in 1989.

Charles states that he and Larry went to Russia for a 2 day concert in 1988, but never in 1989. Additionally the birth certificate she did produce does not have a name listed as the child's father. That line was left blank

I am very much aware in disagreements there are always at least two sides. I am also aware there are many people, that are unaccepting of the reality, much less the truth. My opinion of the situation is this lady had years when Larry was alive and healthy to pursue this paternity claim through legal venues in her country and in the United States and State Court system. If her words are true, she is not only causing added grief to the Norman family, but to her own son and her family. From her own words she did not pursue her claim through proper channels in a timely manner. Just like the rest of us, she needs to deal with what was put on the plate before her and live with it. Be grateful and accepting that she has a loving son and move on with her own life.

However, we must also consider the validity of documents and claims posted on the internet. For all we know Jennifer McCallum might just be a guy on the internet making up contriversial claims.

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