Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Heart Problems

I have not been feeling well this year. I had promised to get some music out to a friend in January and I don't think I sent it until April. I just don't seem to have the stamina that I used to have.

Initially I tried to transfer the old cassette tape from the early 1980's to another cassette, but the sound quality didn't come through. One of the songs was garbage and my friend wanted me to perform a couple of songs I had written. I could not find any recordings, so I got out the old synth and Fostex 4 track.

I transferred everything to 1/4" reel to reel tape and then to the new cassette. It was a struggle because I am so exhausted. I play guitar every night before going to bed and my fingerpicking chops are really coming along. But sitting down and recording is a chore. And it used to be so enjoyable. I am just not feeling well.

I was supposed to get together with another friend this weekend and record one or two songs for a project. However my heart went into atrial fibrillation and wound up in the hospital.

I've been to the doctor several times and she has chalked it up to being 56 years old, having diabetes, high blood pressure and being overweight. She upped my blood pressure meds a couple of months ago.

I went to see Dr. Tcheng about ten days ago. I had told her my blood pressure was too low, 105/60, so she cut the blood pressure meds back. The blood pressure went up, but so did my heart rate.

I also chronically have trouble with sinus drainage. Last week I took some over-the-counter decongestants. I had taken them before with no problem, however the combination of the heart meds I take and the decongestants caused my heart rate went up to around 150 beats per minute and would not slow down. At one point I became very faint while in the bathroom and called for Linny to help get me to bed. This all happened Thursday between 9 pm and 1:30 am.

Linny, of course, wanted me to go to the hospital, but since I am a bonehead I just wanted to try to sleep.

The next morning things still had not gotten better. So I got into my family doctor and was sent to the hospital. I found out there that I was in what is known as atrial fibrillation, which meant the upper chamber of my heart was beating too fast to pump the proper amount of blood throughout my body. My heart rhythm was irregular.

I was put on an intravenous cardiac drug to slow my heart down. I went through two units of this drug, plus some other medications including anti coagulation drugs taken by injection in the stomach area. Apparently blood clots are a big concern with this situation.

By Saturday morning my heart rate had slowed down considerably, but was still irregular. The hospital doctor told me there was a good chance that I would have to take an anti-coagulant for the rest of my life if the problem did not subside. I got a phone call from Terry Fisher and we spent some time in prayer.

Within a half an hour my cardiologist walked in my hospital room and announced my heart had "converted" back to normal rhythm. I was better and would not need anti-coagulants. He then ordered the IV to be discontinued, but asked that I stay another night for observation.

I spent another night at the hospital just to make sure that I would not have another episode since I was now taking oral meds. I was able to come home on Sunday morning. I'm feeling great. My heart rate is holding steady. My blood pressure is good, 110/70 and my blood glucose has been from 121 to 90.

I thank Terry Fisher for his care and concern. I have no doubt that God put it in his heart to call and pray with me. I give Him the glory for answering our prayers by healing me and returning my health.

I was poised to go back to work this morning. I even drove there. Shortly before starting, Linny called and said the cardiologist wants to run more tests. So I went home and will head off to the hospital again. I am putting all my trust in The Lord to take care of me and do His Will.

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