Thursday, July 19, 2007

My House is a Tornado Magnet

About this time last year a large maple tree in my front yard was uprooted by a very strong wind that lifted it out of the ground and placed it horizontal in my front yard. The roots were sticking straight up. I was amazing that the weather has so much power.

So today I receive an email from my sweet pretty wife. She had got up from instant messaging her friend Pixie to answer the telephone.

She placed the headset on and was suddenly zapped with electricity and a loud screeeech! She lost her composure. She told her friend that she had forgotten how to spell and immediately lay down in bed.

A few minutes later Denny, our friendly postman, bangs on our front door. She goes downstairs. Denny is panicing. "Are you alright?" Linny says that she is feeling better. Denny said that he was worried since the tree fell down.

Linny was not aware, but once again another tree has been blown over by the storm and the windy weather. May God be blessed, my car was not in the driveway. The tree and our pole lamp sure were damaged.

Things happen and life goes on.

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