Friday, July 06, 2007

Loving Deb Smith

What seems to be left out of That 70's Show is the Jesus Movement. I recall those days very well, since I was a genuine, sandal wearin’, Bible-readin’ Jesus Freak. If asked I could point out quite a few place in my fair city that back in the 70's were custom made for those of us that were caught up in the Jesus Movement.

One of those places was The House of The Carpenter. This was an old apartment building on Ravine Street in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati. It was only a short walk from there to the University of Cincinnati.

Tom Smith and his wonderful wife Deb spent their younger days as caretakers of this building that housed Christian students. It was what we referred to at the time as a Community, which was a step up from a Commune, since the denizens of the house were shaved, saved, bathed, baptized and drug free.

At the time Deb was also a mommy to a precocious little girl named Charity. Tom was a campus minister and spent time counseling university students.

As the Jesus Movement progressed on the University of Cincy campus, so did the ministry progress and blossomed into a church which grew and grew. Deb and Tom remained the anchors and role models for a lot of us as we started raising our own families.

I learned last week the Deb Smith is extremely ill with cancer. It has invaded her bones, lymphatic system, lungs and retina. I know this is incredibly painful for her. In Deb’s life she has been a mom to her three children, a pastor’s wife (that alone qualifies her as a saint), a teacher, an artist, a farmer’s wife and a grandmother.

I ask that you join me and my wife in praying for Deb that God would heal and comfort her. May He strengthen and renew her. May He give her His Peace and give it to her family as well. And may He bless her as much as she has blessed all that know her.

Please visit the blog that has been set up for her.

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