Tuesday, July 31, 2007

...For Our Captors Required...


The Taliban in Afghanistan have set the Government a new deadline of noon (local time) to meet its demands in order to save 21 South Koreans, a day after a second hostage was killed.

The hardline Islamic militia wants the Government to free at least eight Taliban prisoners in Afghan jails, a demand government negotiators have rejected.

"If our demands are not met by then, we will start killing the rest of the South Koreans," Taliban spokesman Yousuf Ahmadi said.

The bloodied corpse of the second hostage to be killed since 23 were kidnapped nearly two weeks ago was found in the southern province of Ghazni, about 140 kilometres south of Kabul.

The body was dumped in a field just off a main road, with the hands tied and bullet wounds to the head.

These captives were not picked at random. They were chosen because they were Christians.

Right know South Korea's foreign ministry has identified the victim as Shim Sung-Min, 29, as the country reacted with outrage.

The six Muslim Imans that were kicked off of a U.S. Airways flight in Minneapolis last November have tried to file lawsuits against their accusers. These so-called men-of-god were chanting, praying and talking up Sadam and down with the USA before being given the heave-ho from the flight. For revenge, they sent their attack dog lawyers after the others on the flight that they frightened, the airport and U.S. Airways for having their so-called rights violated.

So where's the ACLU? Where's the outrage, when 23 Christians are taken captive by Muslims, denied their rights and two of them are brutally murdered? Their crime was being Christians.

These evil men are filthy vermin that hide behind their religion, behind the skirts of their woman and rags of their children. They have killed off God’s people. They have the blood of God’s saints upon their hands. I can neither judge or curse them.
In accordance to The Word of God, I hand them over to You, Oh Father Almighty, that You may judge them by their actions and may Your Will be done. I pray that You will not let these brave saints deaths be in vain.

May You raise them up into Your Kingdom. May You Oh Lord God release the captives. In The Name of Your Son Jesus I ask these things.

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