Sunday, October 09, 2005

Visiting Brookville Indiana

My grandmother, Dandy, grew up in Carrollton Kentucky, which is near Brookville Kentucky. But this days post is regarding a town of a similar name that is 200 miles or so to the north and west, Brookville Indiana. My wife, Linny, has befriended a dear girl, named Naomi that lives in this quaint town along the lake with her hubby, Kyle and three sons.

'sweet people that were so kind to invite us to their family's campsite for an outing and dinner. We met the nicest folks. Kyle's parents Tom and Joanne, his sis Kara and BIL Bruce and their kids. Aunt Mimi, neighbors Flo and Fred (anyone ever read the Bobbsie Twins. I think the younger set was Fred and Flo(ssie). But I digress).

The campers there were so impressive with all the comforts of home only perhaps better. We are not talking tents and campfires, but big aluminum formed structures with all the conveniences including a nice indoor loo. Linny, Mikey and I had a great time. Well Mikey (the attack poodle) was a little shy and nervous and extremely cold.

The funniest thing was sitting in Naomi's living room and waiting for Kyle to come home from work. She has a large picture window that is more entertaining than most network TV shows.

There was this little boy, all of about 8 years old that was riding his bicycle up and down the street. We were not certain if he was dressed as a vampire or the scarlet pimpernel. The young fellow was wearing a black cape with a collar, a scarlet vest and a ruffled blouse with large sleeves. He also had a white cloth string tie, black slacks and flip flops. We were thinking he was pobably Count Floppula since every so often he would put his thumb to his upper teeth. This was a cute kid.

Seeing this made me think back to my childhood when I savaged the areas of Sherman and Sheridan in my homemade cape and mask saving the imaginary peasants from the overbearing imaginary governors greed. My, my those were the days.

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