Monday, October 17, 2005

Some blessings this past week

1. My Son-in-laws father had a bad heart attack on October 9th. He had angioplasty, but was in a delirious state for much of last week. He finally responded to the medication on Thursday October the 13th and was released a couple of days later.

This is pretty amazing. I was an orderly at Jewish Hospital during 1972-73 and often saw patients on the cardiac floor that were non responsive for weeks. The average stay was at least two to three weeks. Angioplasty was in it's infancy.

2. New doggie at our house. Mikey the poodle is so attached to Linny and he cries all the time when she leaves the house. So we got him a buddy. This is Luke the poodle. Mikey is black and Lukie is white. Doggie diversity!

3. I have a four day weekend coming up.

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Anonymous said...

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