Tuesday, October 04, 2005


First of all when I was a young guy, a young Christian I loved to go to Isabell Ricketts bookstore at Ninth & Vine and check out all the popular Christian teaching books and Bibles. It was a wonderful experience that I'll write about later.

However these days Christian bookstores give me the Jibblies. Ooooh!

First of all you got about 600 versions of the same Bible. I'm not talking about the NIV, ASV, KJV, RSV, Living Bible, Good News etc. I talking about age specific, gender specific, life style specific Bibles. There are the Young Womens Study Bible, the Life Application Bible for men, women, and teens, the Group Study Bible, the Life Application Bible, the Teenager Bible, The Children's Bible, both girls and boys editions, the Barney Bible and many, many more. I'm glad folks are reading God's Word. However this just seems like a marketing ploy.

I don't recall having Christian novels back in the day but ya' sure got 'em now. Christian Adventure, Christian romance, novels about the Apocalypse (pre and post tribulation take your pick), Christian Detective novels, Christian Super heroes and others. We also have Jesus joke books, Christian Homemaking & Decorating books, Christian advice books, Christian dating books...mercy!

Did I mention Scripture Candy, Bible Bars and Promise mints! They also sell Christian toys. Promise Ponies and Prayer Bears.

Do they have videos and records you ask? Well of course! 

They don't actually sell records since they make CD's now. But they have thousands of CD's and the company pushes the artist of the month. Did you ever hear of Christian Black Metal rock? 'didn't think so. They have it there. Christian Skateboard Punk? Yep! Also Gospel and Christian Pop. You want to be the next Amy or Patty? Go buy some Trax. They have lots of those.

They have lot's of magazines for sale too. CCM, Charismatic, Popular Prayer, Gospel Singalong, Modern Leadership Magazine. They sell videos of all sorts. Videos of popular singers and groups. Videos of teachings. They have Christian Cartoons and Christian super heroes for the kiddies.

Many people like to shop at the Christian Book store. My wife enjoys going there.

I don't like it. But that's just me.

When my wife and I were at the bookstore last weekend I happened to hear an exerpt from a video presentation by a fellow named Bob Bell. He has some teaching videos and books to supplement group studies. I think his material is geared to younger Christians.

This guy made a couple of great points.

Why does the world view Christians as they do?

Why does the world look at us as fools that believe in something that the world believes does not exist?

Where did the World get that idea?

Out of the millions and millions of true believers throughout the world why are not more of us vocal in suppressing this incorrect view of Christianity.

Why do only a few speak for so many and why do some of those who claim to be leaders not express the truth? Who appointed them?

I just had never thought about these things before.

With the exception of a few great and humble men and women, most of what the world views as Christianity comes from a few of the outspoken that have turned into caricatures of themselves.

Maybe this is God's Plan.

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