Tuesday, August 15, 2006


When I first became a Christian I met a fellow that became my best friend and my mentor... He had attended a very conservative Christian college. This was during the Jesus Movement and he was asked to leave due to his outspoken nature and views. He had long hair too and that did not go over well with the administration. I digress.

I admired this guy. I dare say he was my role model. He had a great impact on the Jesus Movement in the Cincinnati area. He wrote for and published an independent newspaper and gave lectures in churches and at schools about the Jesus Movement. He was a very charismatic and beloved person. When he was stricken with an illness that required immediate surgery all his bills were paid by donations since he had no insurance. When he needed a career, it was provided for him. His education was paid for by the church. When he had an idea, he would make it happen. Not only was he blessed, he was driven. He was a crusader.

Yes he was a crusader.

As I grew older and married, my friend and I went in different directions. Our paths would occasionally cross. About ten years went by and I ran into him at a function. One of our friends was taking her final vows in the Roman Catholic Church. I made a lunch date with him.

During our lunch conversation he confided in me that he had lost his faith. All the blessings that he had received were forgotten memories. He said he no longer believed that there was a God. In fact, he had chosen another god. In his new life choices he was once again a crusader. He rushed into his new life with the same zealousness that he displayed in his Christian walk.

I provide this story as a warning. Take caution with zealots. There are people that need an audience. There are people that need a cause. There are people that need to be champions. Age, wisdom and moderation are highly desirable qualities.

Be cautious with crusaders.

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