Sunday, November 02, 2014

Common Core is Sneaking In Lessons On Islam

 A work sheet from the workbook

The following conversation was on my Facebook page. I am stunned. I have not revealed the names of the participants.

Jim T - If we can't teach Christian beliefs in the classroom why are teachers assigning homework on the Cult of Islam to our kids? •

 • Anne -  Hannah had an Islam lesson last week. Very disgusted!

Judy -  I would like to know the answer to that one. I did not know they were teaching that in school.

 • Jim T - Who is authorizing these "lessons" Anne?

 • Anne - The lesson was on gold mining in Africa but they worked Islam into it. It's a workbook of lessons the sixth grade is doing aligned with the Common Core Standards

 • Jim T - Common Core is beginning to sound like Muslim Core.......... Gold mining in Africa and Islam?....I can't quite make the leap there.

 • Christopher - First off it starts by Americans taking back what's our. Which is our nation. Which as always been "under God". We the people need to make the difference Tuesday and 2016 elections.. it's one thing teaching different religions but when you own religion is taken out. That's when i have a problem. God bless America and the people who stand up for it.

So I went online to see if this is true; It is!

Another work sheet from Common Core
Here is a link to the The Bradley County News. Read what they have to say about it.

Here is a link to the Catholic Tradition Webpage. Read their views.

We live in frightening times my friends!

Another work sheet from Common Core.

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