Friday, October 24, 2014

I've Been Insulted - Blessed Am I When...They Revile You...

I saw an enlightening video on Youtube recently regarding jihad. It was a response to someone complaining that Christians started all this trouble in 1095 when they started fighting the wars for God known as the Crusades. 

The video showed that the Crusades were actually a response to the jihads or wars that had been started over 400 years prior to this by Muslims invading Europe. In World History class, years ago, we learned about the Ottoman and Byzantine Wars and the invasion of Gaul. We learned about the Moors in Spain and Italy. We were never presented with any information about jihad or a caliphate. These were foreign words in the 1960's.

So I remarked about the video and I got this response and thought this is not only blog-worthy, but invokes the Scripture from Luke 6, "“Blessed are you when people hate you and when they exclude you and revile you and spurn your name as evil, on account of the Son of Man!"

So here is the response I received from someone who goes by the pseudonymn calpurnpiso and does not have the cojones to use his own name as he calls me...

"A typical ChristPsychosis infected imbecile extremely IGNORANT of HISTORY. Notice he says "Classical Civilization". This stupid Zombie God Belief infected Ignoramus doesn't realize Classical Civilization was PAGAN, tolerant, amazing intellectuals civilization of the VAST ROMAN EMPIRE. Its destruction begun when criminal ChristPsychotic Psychopath Constantine I, a CHRISTUS ( anointed savior) in 325 ce, made the Zombie God belief (Christian Cul of Caesar) the ONLY religions accepted in the Roman EMpire, initiating the disintegration of the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages, they BURNED books, embrace ignorance deluded neurologically retarding GOD belief crap. Intolerance, neurological stagnation had begun.

This ChristPsychosis infected idiot doesn't realize, he was created by an act of coitus, his brain, obviously defective emerged blank.
Archeologists will laugh at his deluded version of History, due to his Zombie God Schizophrenia, base on Bible Mythologies. I bet this deluded idiot believe the Holocaust never happen, Ancient Aliens build the Pyramids, Noah's ark could hold all those animals. This demented deluded idiots ought to get the true salvation he seeks by seeing a mentally healthy aka atheist Neurologist to fix his defective BRAIN, then he can study Science and REAL ancient history.
Defective SICK BRAINS can only produce defective SICK deluded nonsense like he is spewing here fooling only those as ignorant, deluded, ChristPsychosis infected as he is.

Science facts talks, demented irrational Zombie God induced bullshit walks.
This idiot has ZERO EVIDENCE of what he says, while real historians, scientist can BURY his sick ass with EVIDENCE that proves him WRONG. This man is a ChristPsychosis infected moron stuck in the 12th Century. Sad, he forgets this is the 21st."

Have your brain check, really!! You suffer from ChristPsychosis. Where did you go to school, the churches at Disneyland? Get a BRAIN before talking to me.
Didn't you know there are 8,000 languages spoken on this planet. I speak 7. The BRAIN creates the MIND, it is a product of coitus from the PENIS of our DADS when it spit SEMEN DNA int the COC  ( cave of creation) of our mothers.) 
Learn SCIENCE stupid ignorant Christian Theotard. ( retarded because zombie god belief)

Parents brother and sister by any chance? Sorry the truth I present hurts. How many times must I repeat the fact you were created when a woman suck PenisChrist of a man, the creator resurrected and spit defective CUM-DNA in her COC ( cave of creation) and 9 months later a baby with a defective BRAIN emerged,YOU, before the TRUTH sink in?

Attack the presented SCIENTIFIC and HISTORICAL FACTS, not me, moron, I am simply the MESSENGER.

So, stupid ChristPsychosis infected imbecile, go to your Progenitor, kneel engulf his PenisChrist with your lips, and if you are good, the Creator will bless you with the same CUM-DNA that created your defective BRAIN. Got it?

Get a Brain. Want to see a true Bozo with a retarded BRAIN? Look in the mirror..

Now go suck your creator's GOD which is his Cock. ( Rooster, Bird, penis,Snake, horns are some of the 8000 WORDS defining the DNA SPITTER creator god)  

Cock Bless you asshole. You post crap attacking me and I'll ram SCIENCE FACTS up your ass.

ENJOY the truth presented in this video but watch it 100 times so it sinks in…Sorry truth hurts….and yes imbecile I SHOW my FACE with my healthy aka ATHEIST well educated finely tuned BRAIN, yours, deluded, IGNORANT ChristPsychosis infected imbecile so I can point out its Neural array defect  and schizotypy…Please see neurologist.

So Calpumpiso, you are talking a lot about zombies, which are popular science fictional characters that young folks seem to be interested in these days. You can write, although poorly and illegibly, and because your thoughts are sort of scattered and you have a lot of conviction; (we used to call this pith and vinegar). This leads me to believe that you are of college age. You are arrogant and know everything. So yes, you are definitely college age.

As you get older and reality and responsibility slap you in the face you will learn that the wisdom of youth is way overrated. I sincerely hope you one day outgrow your "healthy aka ATHEIST well educated finely tuned BRAIN" and become someone that will actually make a contribution to life instead of spewing negativity.

Embrace diversity; it keeps us real.

My hope for you is that God will bless you my friend and someday give you conviction in your heart to learn The Truth.

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