Thursday, September 09, 2010

International Burn a Koran Day

A pastor in Gainesville Florida is planning to burn 200 copies of the Koran on September 11th.  Pastor Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach has announced to the world that 9-11 is Burn A Koran Day.

The whole business has gotten quite out of hand. 

General David Patreaus has called on Jones to back off, as it is already causing an outcry in Afghanistan and added fuel to the religious fervor, which could adversely effect the war.  Political leaders, including Sarah Palin, have asked Jones to back off. Glen Beck and other conservative spokesment have expressed disdain.

Muslims in Afghanistan and Indonesia are rioting over this action.  (Honestly, I think if an American farted in Afghanistan or Indonesia that would be cause for them to riot. These people love a riot. They love to jump up and down and hold Death To America signs and shoot automatic weapons in the air.)

I have very mixed feelings about burning the Koran.

Part of me says what's the big deal. Radical Muslims seem to have no problem beheading Christians. Why do they get all upset when a Christian burns their holy book, which by the way is not a living human being.  Radical Muslims certainly did not have any issues when four planes were used as bombs on September 11th, 2001.

In fact I saw Muslims cheering the event on the news that same day.

Besides that, Americans have the right to free speech.  If this pastor wants to burn the Koran, despite the consequences, he is within his Constitutional rights to do so.  I can recall the Viet Nam war rallies wherein the United States flag was burned.  I also recall Iranians burning effigies of Presidents Reagan and Carter, while chanting Death to America the great Satan.

But then the other part of me says, "Didn't we learn anything from history?"  Hitler and friends held plenty of book burnings which included Torahs and Bibles and in all probability, Korans.  Old Joe Stalin did the same. Do we really want to imitate Hitler or Stalin?

I also am curious if this pastor prayed about what he is setting out to do?  Does he feel this act is within God's Will?  Would this event be condoned and in accord with Scripture? 

Did he need to make a press release announcing this controversial act?  Were his motives to promote is congregations feelings about Radical Islam or to promote himself and his church?

I have learned that Pastor Terry Jones leads a congregation of less than 50 people.  His church is located within a 20 acre compound.  Any Church that is located within a compound sort of sets off red flags in my mind. 

Pastor Jones walks around with and automatic pistol strapped to his belt.

Why would someone that pastors The Dove Outreach Worldwide Church need a handgun? 

I find this very troubling.

I have learned in the past not to judge other Christians, for God will judge each of us.  I am not going to judge Pastor Jones.

However I hope that he and his congregation will put some serious prayer and soul searching before they start a fire they can't put out.

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