Saturday, October 03, 2009

Dream #276

I met a blind window washer. I walked with #2 and he said, "Look at all this glass on these buildings. The windows are so high on the stores. It would take a long time to clean."

Of course I was downtown on a city street that seemed to be blocked off. There were buildings that seemed to be joined together on either side of me and all of them had massive plate glass fronts. In the center was an isle, so it looked much like a shopping mall, but it was outside. At one end was a marble staircase that was bathed in yellow-tinted light. I do not know where it lead but #2 desended. That is when I went to wash the dust and dirt from the windows.

I needed supplies, so I went to see the blind window washer and his dog and asked if I could borrow some cleaning equipment. I had a large pole with a brush, but I needed a bucket. I was going to put windex mixed with water into the bucket and dip my brush into it. However there was a drain in the center and all the windex kept leaking out. My friends had all left me, so here I was with the blind window washer. I was using some of his supplies, but I didn't want to take advantage of him. His large white and black hound dog was watching me. I kept pouring windex into the bucket, but the drain in the center was broken and would not close. The window cleaner leaked out.

I then left the blind window washer and his dog to go to the hardware store by going behind the building and walking to the front with my leaking bucket, brush and pole. They had a huge container of windex, however I bought a smaller container of generic window cleaner. Since the bucket, which was now mounted on a stand on wheels, was leaking, my plan was to squirt the window cleaner on the brush. Then I would wrap paper towels on the brush to dry the windows.

After paying for the cleaner in the dimly lit store and making small talk with the lady that owned the place I left. I placed my bucket and other equipment in the street so I wouldn't block the sidewalk. The bucket slowly rolled toward a parked car.

The driver was entering the car in an effort to move it. I retrieved my bucket and was walking back to the storefronts, which by now appeared to be less massive. I realized there was no longer storefronts on either side of the street. In fact there was no street. It had been replaced by a parking lot. I wheeled the bucket back to the sidewalk and was preparing to spray windex on my brush on the long pole. That is when I came to the realization the company's decision to shelve my license had nothing to do with a new direction, but was a cost saving measure. I woke up.

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