Monday, May 25, 2009

Do It Yourself CD Cover and Insert

So you got your Jesus House CD at the reunion or through the mail and you are thinking, boy I sure wish this came with an album cover.

Well Sparky, this is your lucky day. Here at Blogalot Industries, our head designer Linny O'Hara came up with an album cover using Rick Mapes photo of the Jesus House. Since the CD was a do-it-yourself sort of project, why should the CD cover not be any different?

Step One. Get a couple of blank CD's in jewel cases.

Step Two. Download this picture by clicking on it. It should be 4.75" x 5.5". If it isn't you will have to adjust it to those specs when printing. Be sure to make a copy for each CD case. Cut out your pictures and insert in the jewel cases.

Step Three. Download this picture by clicking on it. Ditto on the 4.75" x 5.5" specs. This can be used for the inside of the jewel case or the back.

Step Four. Enjoy.

Step Five. When you download your CD, why not download the pictures?

For an alternative use get some of those iron-on thingies, enlarge the pictures and make your very own JH Reunion T-Shirt.

And as an added bonus...In the spirit of Where's Waldo?, the collage has a similar game called Where's Fisher's Hightop Sneakers? See if you can find them.

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