Thursday, November 22, 2007


It's Thanksgiving Day 2007. For the past week we have articles in the news about Black Friday. We have been immersed in radio, TV and print media advertisements that let us know we no longer have to wait until Friday to save 30 to 50% on our shopping for Christmas. We can hurry through eating our Turkey and candied yams and get off our candy butts to hurry off to Wal-Marts and shop today. They are opened. So is K-Mart, Meiers, Kohls, Sears and all the grocery stores and fast food joints. J. C. Pennys is opening up at 4 am on Friday with door-buster savings!

When I was 17, my father purchased a convenience store. This was in 1970. During this historical era all businesses were closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. This was out of respect for God and for employee's families.

In 1970 God and families were of paramount importance. However one of the bylaws of my Dad's new business was it needed to be opened 7 days a week, 365 days a year, no matter what. Christmas and Thanksgiving Day sales were sometimes four or five times more than average daily sales. It made sense as there was no competition. I hated it. My family hated it. My Dad hated it. The employees at the store hated it. But the customers loved being able to buy last minute items they had forgotten.

As the years rolled on, other businesses discovered this secret. Ah' yes, Scrooge be praised!

Money was to be made. Let us forget about family. Heck today most families are dysfunctional. Tradition was thrown out years ago along with school prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. God! Well in today's world, God is multi-cultural, so why waste a day celebrating and giving thanks to Him. Get to work!

Which brings us to Thanksgiving 2008. May you spend time with those that you love and give thanks to Him in all things. May the future return to the past.

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