Monday, January 23, 2006

Petroglyphs and Genesis - My Opinion

There was an excellent television show on the Discovery Channel about the Petroglyphs in Peru known as the Nazca Lines. These are enormous desert drawings of animals, men and some bizarre unidentifiable pictures. The researcher that was narrating the show sought opinions of others to determine the meanings of the glyphs. In his search he traveled to the Mojave Desert and spoke with a Native American gentleman that was familiar with this area and the huge petroglyphs that appear in that area.

We are told by the Native American expert that these petroglyphs were used for religious ceremonies. One of the petroglyphs is that of a stick figure of a man. He is the deity of this ancient Indian nation. Their story is that centuries ago the deity became angry with men and waved his arms four times. This caused the winds to violently blow and the rain to come and the whole earth was flooded. Only a handful of men and women survived and repopulated the earth.

My opinion is that truth is truth. There are so many Flood "myths" in many diverse cultures and lands. Perchance there is a glimmer of truth in all of the flood legends.

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